The Artist-Healer

“To be aware of Anima and Animus and balance masculine and feminine energies is the next level of enlightenment: transiting as a vibration through the cords that bind us all.” ~ Randy Eady

The Artist-Healer

artist_healer_1The work of the Artist-Healer could well be considered sacred work, in that style and symbol can not only decorate and communicate but also educate and consecrate, helping us to perceive the connections between all forms living and non, the relations between all elements and beings, and the inner heart, soul, spirit of each and every thing. And as with any sacred endeavor, their work is most numinous and powerful when the Artists are themselves transformed in the process of its inception and creation. This ceaseless falling apart and being remade is characteristic of the Artist as it is of the Seeker, the Shaman, the spiritual Adept.

Whenever we artfully work, employing symbols and energies, inspiration and intuition, there is an energetic threading between us and those who participate in the experience, between the viewer and the viewed, and the viewer and the Artist, between the Healer and the client or society or place. Through the art we make and experience, we’re each transformed into an agent and component of creation, our sense of mission fueled, our senses and dreams heightened, our emotions stirred, pierced by an overwhelming sense of the inseparable unity of all things and the timeliness and importance of our healing, helping, beautifying efforts.

Creatively giving shape and form to the underlying energies which animate our species in a “container” that can hold the experience allows for a shamanic, holy, and whole-making ritual to be made real in time. The act of participating in the creation of art is a magical, ceremonial rite, a sacred liturgy, a higher-dimensional form of communion, a kind of “performance art,” which simultaneously transfigures the unconscious energies in both the Artist and the surrounding field. The act of art-making partakes of the nature of the divine, in that the entire universe, which is itself a living work of continually-unfolding art, becomes infused with endless-inspiration as we consciously realize our relationship with our ever-evolving and never-expiring, creative spirit.

The elements needed for healing include the spirit, the self, the medicine and the healer. When you come into this life, you bring your own doctors with you. Eat food with spirit. Get rest and exercise. Being healthy is not just physical. Continue to stimulate your mindful presence. The healer-helper offers the tools. (For in truth I heal no one.) You are the healer. I’m just the helper. The medicine you choose to use is really up to you.

There can be no doubt that modern industrialized medicine can help mend serious wounds and successfully treat some conditions. It is generally not, however, a craft since there is little hand work and most “diagnosis” is based on a computer generated template/model of symptoms and prescriptions. It is hardly ever an art, since it is a relatively rare M.D. these days who has gone beyond (or been able to sustain passionate healing dedication) in the undaunting onslaught of the trade’s impersonal practices, or who sees and is willing to integrate diverse practices to treat a whole person rather than symptoms and organs. They avoid getting to really know their patients, avoiding getting too close, eschewing “messy” emotions. Their offices and hospitals are institutional and uninspired, usually only slightly less ugly and uniform than a prison. While sometimes proficient within a limited model, they are often lacking in the earmark of artisanship: creativity! To the contrary, alternative Healers of all kinds tend to be more creative and adaptive, looking beyond the assumptions and conventions, acting out of a passionate sense of mission, and doing their work in a deeply personal, empathic and artist way. With personal aesthetics. Honed sensitivity. Engaged emotions. The involvement of their spirits as well as minds.

Intentional style. A strong sense of calling. And practiced flair.

Healers outside of institutions and norms tend to be viewed skeptically, undervalued, discounted, even legally harassed precisely because of their Artisan ways, because they serve a calling and fulfill it authentically and stylistically, daring to bypass conventional dead ends, and to be creative in the ways that they instigate and support healing. As atypical artisans we are denied or choose not to seek official accreditation, and when we do seek professional status it may be from groups themselves outside the normative or “credible” structure.

artist healer FLThe Artist-Healer, however, will not be satisfied walking the beaten path, needing to follow the inner creative urge instead, being self-empowered to make choices and make turns based on insights and experience. And they work not only to heal a person or community, but to be a container and conduit for the expression of the creative thrust, intent and direction of the Viriditas – Grünkraft – Green Power of Life animating the life force through the senses to engage the dynamic natural whole.

The calling of the Artist-Healer is to serve something larger than themselves or a client. It’s to serve a larger purpose and aim, to serve something akin to “spirit” no matter what we choose to call it. All the while accomplishing this in the most loving and lovely ways…

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