Randy Eady: Head Over Heels About Healing

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This appears to be a most eventful time for many of us, including Randy Eady, aka “The Foot Whisperer.”   And you don’t need to go to Florida to ” get your feet wet  ”

I became acquainted with The Foot Whisperer in June, when I made my first workshop presentation at The Parkinson’s  Summit in Cincinnati. My own preparation for this event kept me too busy to research much about my co-presenters. So at the summit I became intrigued by this fellow who offered  Chifeet mats,  foot soakings, specialized foot gear, worked with foot acupressure points, and  demonstrated taichi and other body/mind methods, including yoga and qigong. In social conversation one evening, I also learned that Randy does work with the Department of Defense, bringing hope and healing to many returning wounded vets.  So for those skeptics who view non-traditional healing techniques  as woo-woo or soft science, even Uncle Sam has endorsed Randy!

It is challenging to fully showcase Randy and all he does, so this piece will focus on sessions offered Parkinson’s and other  (symptomatically) related neurological conditions and the treatments offered at his center and at the Summit. The following are excerpts from a recently conducted interview:

Q: Please describe a typical session at your center, including time frame

A:   A Foot Whisper session involves a 10-15  minute foot soak in medicinal-grade salts while a concurrent client-centered study of footwear/gait pattern and a diagnostic pulse and circulation reading (in 3 locations on the foot and ankle) are completedthen a customized application of a palpation technique based on Asian foot, body and energy medicine treatmentEach foot is treated symmetrically using the same pressure technique…the session then expands to key pressure points in the hands, back, neck, face and scalp and concludes with application of vibro-acoustics/crystal-magnetics to enhance enhance body function/polarity stimulation and promote natural detoxification.  A session concludes with with a coordinated movement activity that organically integrates the three balance centers in the body. A typical session is 80-90 minutes.

Q: Please describe a typical session at a summit/conference, and give time frame.

A: (It) is a condensed/concentrated version of the same treatment that also focuses on “take-away/take-home tools” that specifically bolster and sustain balance center reintegration, engage care provider/giver support, and offer ways to minimize th anxiety of participating in further exercise programs, such as yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and Pilates. A session at the summit/conference is 45-55 minutes.

Q: Do sessions for PD, Polio, and other chronic neurological conditions differ from what someone addressing another type of situation would receive?

A:  Yes…psycho-social factors often make trauma (latent, present, or projected) a challenge point in engagement with physical activity — which may be the case for why some people with exceptionalities in organic balance and movement–avoid strength and balance workouts and thus require the application of a process called ANCIENT WALKING TO PRIMAL RHYTHMS (AWPR).  AWPR includes exercises that blend head movements with visual/auditory focus activities , upper body coordination, and other strength exercises that support and stabilize the joints. ..and activates the eye muscle response directly with rhythms occurring in the limbic brain.

Last June Randy was booked up and couldn’t see me as a client. In Santa Fe I will be marching my flat feet, hammer toes, Achilles tendonitis, pronated ankles,  and the rest of me in Randy’s direction. See you there.

For additional information information on Randy, go to:

www.parksinsonsrecovery.com and check the Summit 2013 offerings, or simply google  “Randy Eady The Foot Whisperer”

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