Cobblestone Foot Chi Mat

Foot Reflexology Foot Chi Cobblestone Mats Foot Path Walkway is a lightweight, portable tool used to apply acupressure from the body’s own weight, to the reflex points of the foot. The Cobblestone Mats walkway is designed to emulate ancient stone reflexology pathways found throughout Asia. The Ancient Chinese believed the foot was a road map for the entire body. By stimulating certain reflex points, the Chinese were able to release stagnation of ‘chi’ or energy in targeted areas of the body. According to a study performed by the Oregon Research Institute patients using have shown an increase in blood circulation, improved balance and a way to increase physical strength. Foot reflexology Cobblestone walkways are a wonderful way to relieve tension and rebuild muscle in the body. Walk a path to better health today.

When most people first experience the cobblestone (foot chi) mat, the pebbles may hurt, within weeks it will feel like a massage.

footmatIn addition, the added benefit is neuro-muscular integration par excellence. Think of it as your feet (your functional third eyes) suddenly getting glasses. A person with poor vision wearing glasses for their first time is equally overstimulated and astounded. Or, more to the point of balance: it’s more comfortable to sing off-key, is it not, if you plug your ears? Before anyone really gets serious about learning to sing, they need to take the plugs out. Ouch! That horrible sound is going to hurt – but it’s our voice, making that rueful sound. It’s up to us to alter the sound, improve it, to learn to sing on-key. It is not our ear’s fault. If we put the plugs in, it’s temporary relief, that, we may find we’re adapting to permanently. Just muffling the natural vibration in our own feedback loop — potential making things worse. We need to know when we are singing off key or, squarely to our point: walking incorrectly. The best way to do that, is not simply to reduce the amount of insulation ~~ it’s to get that direct feedback. Back toward barefeet.

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