Chumash Cosmology Rocked By Air Force Launches

The Chumash call it Humqaq, The Raven Comes, and regard it as one of the most sacred sites not only in Chumash territory, but in all of North America, the “western gate” of the continent.

Though were the coastline, just north of Santa Barbara, lies in a distinct east/west direction it’s known today as Point Conception. It is an area of strategic importance to both cultures.

The American space industry ironically is using the same site used for thousands of years as a departure point into the Milky Way by the Chumash souls of the dead as a technological departure point into space.

For the Chumash it is spiritually strategic as the spot where the souls of the dead depart for Shimilaqsha, Chumash realm of the dead. For the US, nearby Vandenberg Air Force Base is perhaps the most militarily strategic location on the Pacific coast, from where intercontinental ballistic missiles safely avoid land mass and are launched out into the ocean, and rockets into space.

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