AWPR Peripheral Vision Technique

1. Diagnostic Field of View 2. Peripheral Vision Expansion

The AWPR peripheral vision exercise trains your eyes to see things clearly to the sides even when you are not looking directly at them. You’ll need two pencils & an acupressure path/mat.

peripheral vision exercise

After Completion of Diagnostic Field of View — Stimulate Biological Presence by having acupressure delivered to the feet and complete the following exercise:

To begin this technique stand on the PPP or ASP and hold a pencil in each hand about a 12” / 20cm in front of you at eye level.

Look between the pencils. (Return the pencils to this starting position between each exercise.) Slowly open your arms to move the pencils sideways at eye level as far as you can and still see them.

Next, raise the right pencil toward the ceiling and the left toward the floor as far as you can see them.
Raise the pencil to the right up in a diagonal line and down diagonally to the left.

Next, move the pencil up to the left diagonally and down right diagonally. Complete the sequence by circling the left pencil outwards counterclockwise and the right pencil outward clockwise to trace circles in the air. Make the circles two to three feet big.

This eye exercise encourages the individual to use both eyes independently. It begins the process of preventing conflict of the eyes, and improves vision as it strengthens and coordinates the extra-ocular muscles and promotes their balanced use.

Remember to re-check the peripheral field of view by repeating the diagnostic that started the session.

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