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Upcoming Workshops & Talks:


Soc.​ for Ritual Arts (1-2 June) & 17-20 June Biosemiotics Gathering. Berkeley, CA

Talk: Biosemiotics in ASMR Origins: Clues from Startle Reflex (Seeing-Hearing-Feeling Mediation and Affect in ASMR)
Learn more about the intimate process of biosemiotics and life-signaling, and ways where new ecosystem formations of the natural environment & technology can co-exist.

MANDALAFest 7-10 June, Holland
​Fractal Walk On the Pineal Path

EIHA & HIA 12-13 June, Cologne, GE
(European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) & HIA Hemp Conf/DrugsTour Amsterdam w/Director Of Governmental Affairs at International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute District Olomouc, CZ)

​Exploring CBD Entourage Effects (with endocannabinoids, cannabis)
​This talk looks at how tweaking’s begun on Schedule 1: the subtance control by the U.S. FDA on Cannabis is being amended with the 2018 Colorado Legislature passing of HB18 1187. This bill permits doctors to prescribe CBD medicines — provided they’ve won approval from the U.S. FDA – a development achieved for the first time with Cannabis sativa-derived Epidiolex’s approval by an FDA-expert advisory panel and subsequently the FDA.​

Beyond Psychedelics 21-24 June, Prague, CZ
Dosing Project Derivative: Exploring CBD Entourage Effects (with endocannabinoids, cannabis)

​The Festival of Creativity ​22 June–2 July, Village vicinity of Malonty, SW, CZ ~ Fractal Walk On the Pineal Paath​

Mariposa Folk Festival, 5-8 July, Orillia, CAN
​The Soleful Art of Foot Whispering – Interactive Stage 1​

​Rock w/Moose; Algonquin Ancestral ~ EcoVenture & 24th Algonquin All Nations Gathering​ ​10-12 Aug
(23 km west of the East Gate in Algonquin Park, on Whitefish Lake Centennial Ridges R​d). ​
​S2S will also provide​ ​holistic​ ​healing in a series of​ ​integrative native-based practice during the evening.

Space Safari, 31 Aug – 2 Sep, Belgium

​T​he ​Labyrinth ​Society Gathering​ (tentative) 5-7 Oct Woodstock, IL

Talk: Healing Creatives: Advances in Labyrinth Meander and Body Mandala TherapeuticsDigility 2018 (Sep) and (May) 2019, Cologne​
Cybertherapeutics I & II